Kevin Daniel Tells His Stories from NC to NY

kevin daniel


Solo artist and newcomer Kevin Daniel has been playing in various bands of multiple genres since high school now with his second solo effort, “Myself Through You” this North Carolina raised but based in NYC storyteller shares wisdom and personal stories in his new EP.

It seems that the sweet yet rugged voiced singer-songwriters entrance into music was initiated by playing in his high school jazz band, followed by a stint in punk ska group in college. Today his music is unhurried, with low key vocals that reflect easygoing melodies and soothing yet never sappy sonics.

It’s radio and TV ready with enough darkness creeping around the edges to appeal to fans of Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams. He tells stories of hope-filled melancholy in songs tinged by loneliness, loss and having the strength to carry on. Daniel’s voice and words feel honest and hopeful.

The album kicks in with a sharply infectious and very personal opener and title track “Myself Through You,” a song you can’t help but tap your feet and bop your head along with. The song “Golden” is incredibly honest and heartfelt and really showcases Daniel’s harmony filled vocals. Elsewhere, “Born a Preacher” is an infectious anthem as Daniel sings with soaring vocals “It takes love, take spirit and the fight.”

A solid mixture of singer-songwriter based southern rock n’ roll. Recorded at Degraw Sound in Brooklyn, NY, and produced, engineered, and mixed by Ben Rice. “Myself Through You” is filled with melodic navigations through the darkness and light of life. It’s folky rock n’ roll with a southern vibe.

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