Ultraphonix with George Lynch Release New Album and Video, ‘Another Day’


Check out the latest video from the George Lynch-Pancho Tomaselli supergroup, Ultraphonix, called “Another Day.” 

The hot track is one of many off the band’s new album, Original Human Music, now available.

Check out the new Ultraphonix video here:

Blending The Talents of Many

Ultraphonix blends the talents of renowned guitarist Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), famous bassist Tomaselli (WAR, Philm), affable frontman Corey Glover (Living Colour) and rock drummer Chris Moore (Orcus).

Pancho Tomaselli and Corey Glover in Ultraphonix – Courtesy photo

Superstar Musicians Making Real Music 

“It’s a really good way to play different kinds of music,” Tomaselli said. “I was at the offices of ESP Guitars and saw George’s picture on the wall and I got the idea to call him. His guitar work is so great.”

After that it was history. The guys formed a band and brought in drummer Moore and Glover, who is known for his work in the pop-punk band Living Colour.

“Another Day” is a hot track off Ultraphonix’ new album, Original Human Music.

Corey Glover, laughs as Pancho Tomaselli and George Lynch jam – Courtesy photo

To order the new Ultraphonix album, Original Human Music go here:

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