Steve Aoki Teams with TWIIG on ‘Hoovela’

Steve Aoki - Photo by Jared Eberhardt


Steve Aoki has dropped  “Hoovela” a collaboration with the duo TWIIG.

EDM Sauce, an authority on everything electronic music-related added that the song will likely be on Aoki’s new album, Neon Future III album.

Aoki has teamed with everyone in the world on his Neon Future series. The series, which tells of man’s relationship with tech and machines is of interest to many. Neon Future I was certified gold by RIAA, Neon Future II brought on collaborations with Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park and Snoop Dogg and Neon Future III could be even more interesting. Maybe that’s why director of engineering for Google, Ray Kurzweil, director JJ Abrams and Nobel Laureate and physicist  Kip Thorne have all had more than just a passing interest.

Give a listen to Aoki’s latest:

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