Songstress Mackenzie Nicole Releases Video and Single ‘Complications’


Mackenzie Nicole has released the video and single  “Complications,” which takes the pop singer-songwriter to a new level, complete with a new beat and even a new look.

2018 was a tough year for a lot of people and Mackenzie says she did a lot of soul searching and pulled herself out of an emotion slump.

“Given a choice between wrong and right, I’ll always choose wrong in the most self-sabotaging way possible,” Mackenzie said. “That’s ‘Complications.’  At the same time, there’s an honest sense of humor I’m using to present a heavy concept.”

The video portrays Mackenzie in the midst of an edgy birthday party scene, but apparently drops the causes of her  “Complications” as the scene is free of all humans except for herself.

Mackenzie Nicole Parties Alone in ‘Complications’

Mackenzie unveiled her full-length debut album The Edge in the Spring of 2018, its songs tallied over 1 million Spotify streams, and her videos totaled more than 8 million views as she played to sold-out crowds coast-to-coast.

She signed to Strange Main in 2015 when and released “Actin Like You Know,” which included a cameo from label mate Tech N9ne. Early acclaim came as the track racked up over 6.5 million YouTube views and over 2.60 million Spotify streams. Her next song “Deleted” followed with over 1.4 million Spotify streams and over 1.3 million YouTube views to date.

Hear the song here